New Zealand Adventure Activities

New Zealand Adventure & Activities
What to do in New Zealand

New Zealand is considered to be the “Adventure Capital of the World”. From Auckland to Queenstown, the choice of NZ activities and NZ adventure sports is a thrill-seekers dream. New Zealander’s have a talent for creating the next adrenaline filled experience, whether it is bungy jumping through to jet boating, their imagination shows no limit.

Activities can range from the more relaxed family friendly adventure to the extreme. Be it snowboarding, skiing or surfing, winter or summer. Join in on NZ adventure tours, extreme sports, para-gliding, hiking or tramping, fishing or hunting, bird or whale watching and much, much more. Below are some of the popular adventure activities in New Zealand.

NZ Adventure Tours

New Zealand Adventure Tours

Maori Cultural Experience

Maori Cultural Experience

Bungy Jumping New Zealand

Bungy Jumping New Zealand

NZ Bungy Jump

NZ Skiing and Snowboarding

Ski NZ & Snowboarding

NZ Skiing

Skydiving in New Zealand

Sky Diving in New Zealand

NZ Sky Diving

Heli-skiing in New Zealand

Heli-Skiing in New Zealand

NZ Heli – Ski

Jet boating in New Zealand

Jet Boating in New Zealand

NZ Jet Boating

Ballooning in New Zealand

Ballooning in New Zealand

NZ Ballooning

Geothermal spa and retreats in New Zealand

Geothermal Spa & Retreat NZ

NZ Spa Retreat

Wine tasting and wine tours in New Zealand

Wine Tasting & Wine Tours NZ

NZ Wine Tours

Mountain biking in New Zealand

Mountain Biking New Zealand

NZ Biking

Active earth safari and volcanic tours in New Zealand

Active Earth Safari NZ

NZ Volcanic

Scenic airplane rides and helicopter flights in New Zealand

Scenic Plane & Helicopter NZ

NZ Flights

Paragliding in New Zealand

Paragliding in New Zealand

NZ Paragliding

Wildlife parks in New Zealand

Wildlife Sanctuary NZ

NZ Wildlife

Sailing in New Zealand

Sailing & Yachts New Zealand

NZ Sailing

Fly Fishing in New Zealand

Fly-Fishing in New Zealand

NZ Fly-Fishing

Tramping, Hiking and Climbing in New Zealand

Tramping, Hiking & Climbing NZ

NZ Hiking

Rafting and Kayaking in New Zealand

Rafting & Kayaking NZ

NZ Kayaking

Cruising and boating in New Zealand

Cruising & Boating NZ

NZ Boating

Horse riding and trails in New Zealand

Trail & Horse Riding NZ

Horse Riding

4x4 Drives and Motorbikes in New Zealand

Motorbikes & 4wds NZ

NZ Motorbiking

Fishing and Country Sports in New Zealand

Fishing & Country Pursuits

NZ Fishing


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